We Design for Mobile

mobile-friendly design for website on smartphone

Is your website mobile friendly?

Google’s recommended method of making a website mobile friendly is called responsive web design, in which the website’s code instructs the browser how to lay out the page on any device. Our responsive web design techniques provide for fast page-loading and allow us to present content on a smartphone that meets the particular needs of mobile users, gaining both immediate traffic and return visits. Do you wish your site were mobile friendly? Give us a call.

Is your website visible to prospects in search results?

Ranking well in search results is what enables an entrepreneurial small business to compete successfully against larger companies. As both custom web designers/developers and search optimization specialists, we design our clients’ websites for visibility in search results. Our web designers work with our clients to understand their marketing strategy, identify their primary target prospects, their prospects’ needs and what they will be searching for, and then design a cost-effective website structured to support those searches.

We design and code engaging websites so prospects can find them in searches. Like each of our clients, each site we create is unique. A custom-designed website organized for search marketing which presents well on any device will give you an advantage over competitors and help you get more business.

A web designer helps you market your business

Marketing on the web has two equally important aspects: The content that drives your sales and the SEO that helps prospects find it. Neither works to make your business grow without the other.

Our principal, Jerry White, has diverse marketing, technical and design experience. Success in the consulting and software businesses he built gives him valuable insight into his clients’ needs. Jerry has guided many business owners in their quest for an effective website and works with them to realize a website based on their marketing goals.

When site structure, content, appearance and visibility work together, you get more business. If you’re ready to make a greater impact on the web, talk to Jerry about our responsive web design and website optimization services.

Call us for

  • A no-cost review of your website
  • Custom web design and development
  • Responsive/mobile design
  • SEO/search marketing
  • WordPress sites
  • E-commerce sites
  • Software development
  • Content management, blogs, newsletters
  • Sponsored search (adWords), landing pages
  • Marketing plans & consulting

Jerry White invites you to call to get acquainted and discuss your needs. Whether your goal is finding new clients, connecting with past clients to generate repeat business, or introducing new products or services, our marketing experience can help your business grow.

Starting a new business? Talk to us early. We can help with marketing strategy, domain name, logo.

“The work you did on the website was simply amazing, Jerry. You met every single goal that we talked about, and it was a pleasure working with you.” — R. Maltz

Every small business needs an effective website that gets found in searches. Since 1996 Prince Global has been helping clients build their business. Whether you are a startup or an established business, we invite you to call us to discuss your needs. Call us today!